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Why is my account DISABLED (Banned) ???

Solution There could be more than one reason for an account to be banned(Disabled)

You must read/obey the site rules and see the FAQ to understand why we issue bans.

However,we are here to help you out always if you think that there could be a possible error in your account's status just let us know and we will try to look into it for you more accurately but one thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a calm attitude when submitting a support ticket about this subject as we completely disregard any tickets that has aggressive,faul language towards our site staff/site/members,we will not reply to your ticket and keep your account banned if we feel that you have an aggressive behaviour towards us just because your account got banned...

One of the main reasons for the account ban is as follows;

Having duplicate or Multiple Accounts(Caught by our automated anti-cheat system),

Self invites,
Hit and Runners,
Low ratio,
Account Inactivity...

See the rules/FAQ to find out more..

If you and your brother/colleague/friend have created accounts from the same IP,your account will not be enabled! It was clearly stated in our faq/rules about duplicate accounts(1 ACCOUNT PER IP) which you've agreed to read and obey when you've first signed up so you should have read/obey the site rules anyway and have at least informed the site staff about your situation before been banned,we cannot get any proof about this situation so please do not even mention this case to us and ask that if you could be enabled again!..

If your ratio was too low and you have got banned because of the reason that you've had a Hard disk failure recently and that you could not seed properly and have also lost all the stuff you've grabbed please do not ask for a second chance at all.(Since we cannot request any proof on this nor we have the time to deal with the same old question all the time,we've had support tickets like this countless times so please know that it is in your own responsibility to maintain a healthy ratio at all times no matter what!)

After all,it was something entirely at your end and we cannot enable your account for this case either,if you ask about it in the support your ticket will be ignored,period.

If you have an enquiry about your banned account,please create a support ticket and we will try our best to help you out for other circumstances...

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