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Bad Data from Tracker or "Bad Data from Tracker - Bad Bencoded Data"

Solution If your torrent client gives you the error message: Bad Data from Tracker or "Bad Data from Tracker - Bad Bencoded Data", This means the tracker is having problems. Either it is down and returning and error page, or is overloaded with requests. Simply leave your client on for a while and see if the problem resolves it self. You can also try stopping the torrent and then re starting it.

This error also comes up if you are using an unfavorable torrent client.

These clients are:

Shadow's Experimental Client.


µTorrent versions 1.1 to 1.4.

BitComet versions 0.56 to 0.68.





Versions of Tomato Torrent






Some versions of Bittorent

If you are using one of these torrent clients, it is suggested that you switch to another client such as µTorrent, Azureus. These are preferred torrent clients due to stability and lack of errors with our site. This should then solve your issue.
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